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Some time ago I stumbled over the Kodak HC-110 developer concentrated siryp and liked the idea of needing just very small amounts of it while getting constant results due its "One Shot Nature".
I also like Fomafilm which I am using as 120 rolls and 4x5 sheets but Foma does not recommend the HC-110 for it as developing times would be to fast in the usual dilution B concentration (1+31).

So I started to investigate and found the unoffical dilution H (1+63). Thanks to encouragement from @dave_shrimpton from Instagram who is using HC-110 and Fomafilm I tried it and never turned back.

I accidently used an even lower concentration near to 1+79 with higher developing times and it worked great too.
You have to keep in mind that 4 sheets 4x5 film are round about one roll of 120 or 35 mm film and Kodak recommends at least 6 ml of its concentrate per roll of film.

As far as I know Ansel Adams used even higher concentrations of it for his films. (1+100) but then the processing time will be very long. So, give both a try if you haven't done so already and let me know what you think. You can find me on IG and Twitter via the two buttons on top of the page's right hand corner.

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