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I spent half a day figuring out why my reversal paper prints came out to dark but also a bit foggy and the culprit was: The Paper Developer ! I was only two days old and should have worked but didn't.

So, what did I learn here?

  1. Write your dilution ratio on the bottle and stick with it. Do not change it for some reason. I sometimes used a lower dilution ratio for just one day but then it is getting complicated. I am using a very eco-friendly developer and so it doesn't make much of a difference if I am using 25 ml or 50 ml of it. This way it also lasts for a week or at least a few days.

  2. Write the date on your bottle. I am using sticky tape now. This is also a good idea for other bottles like the fixer.

  3. If anything goes wrong make a new batch of chemicals.

Also keep in mind that you process every photo two times in the same developer so it is more prone to exhaustion.

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