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In 2021 the 4x5 project started from the desire to make unique pieces of art by photographing with a 4x5 camera on different photographic media.
I post here irregularly because I simply forget due to being busy with making photographs. ;-)
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Martin Nienberg's Darkroom
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Julian Ochoa a photographer from Cádiz (Spain) asked me via facebook if I want to write for his blog. He is investigating what music analog photographers hear while they are doing darkroom work.

I ...

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During the last months I looked deeper into X-ray film and dry plates. Dry plates are usually made with a photographic emulsion on thin glass plates which are left to dry afterwards. They go way back ...

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Some time ago I stumbled over the Kodak HC-110 developer concentrated siryp and liked the idea of needing just very small amounts of it while getting constant results due its "One Shot Nature".
I ...

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I spent half a day figuring out why my reversal paper prints came out to dark but also a bit foggy and the culprit was: The Paper Developer ! I was only two days old and should have worked but didn't.

So, ...

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I replaced the half broken halogen lamps in my darkroom with nice LED ones and installed a drying rack for my 4x5 negatives in the shower.
Ah, and I found a used fridge in the right size a few weeks ...

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