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In 2021 the 4x5 project started from the desire to make unique pieces of art by photographing with a 4x5 camera on different photographic media.
I post here irregularly because I simply forget due to being busy with making photographs. ;-)
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I spent half a day figuring out why my reversal paper prints came out to dark but also a bit foggy and the culprit was: The Paper Developer ! I was only two days old and should have worked but didn't.

So, ...

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I refined the concentrations and times for the chemistry. This is not set in stone and you can and should experiment with it but it will give you great results with the tapwater and developer I am using.

Let's ...

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As promised on Instagram, I want to write down the process for photographing on photographic paper and develop it as a paper positive.

Right now this process works best with Ilford Multigrade ...

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